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06:05pm 29/11/2004
mood: content
As she stepped onto Hogwarts Grounds her heart did a light flutter and her stomach did flip-flops. It was good to be back at school, she had missed Hogwarts an awful much over these six years. Sixs years... wow.. had it really been that long since she had graduated? She sighed as a wave of nervousness rushed over her... being a teacher's aid at Hogwarts was definatly not your typical every day job for your typical every day 23 year old witch. Marisol looked down at her plain long navy blue skirt and black shoes as her dark thick locks fell in front of her face. She swiped her hair out of her face with her left hand and gave another sigh. She wrapped her plain sweater around her body as a slight chill fell across the grounds. She stood up straight,tightened her grip on the books that she cradled in her arms, and walked off towards the school.
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02:45pm 03/11/2004
mood: Cheerful

Um...here, I'll post a random intro:

Her eyes went right to left quickly, drinking in the fine print of the large volume that rested on her lap. She looked up towards the sky through the branches, the sun lighting even the smallest specks of dust particles that floated through the air. Every now and then a hand swept a stubborn and dark brown lock of hair from her face, the rest of the thick and wavy hair tumbling down her back.
In the Library sat a young lady of no more than 16. Her intelligent brown eyes, as dark as chocolate in color and finely shaped, took in the fascinating subjects of old Greek religion, the ancient tombs, and Shaman doctors. Dressed in jeans and a navy shirt, black robes covering her from shoulder to ankle, she was not what you might call a beautiful young woman, but she had a certain charm to her.
Yes, Hermione Granger certainly...interesting.
Hermione shut her book with a certain reluctance, watching the pages turning into each other. She sighed heavily and tucked the book into her bag, which she slung over her shoulder. She pushed the chair a feet or two away from the table and stood up, neatly pushing it in behind her. She strode towards the library door, moving rather quickly.
Hermione stepped into the hallway, a realized there had been a stuffy air inside the hot, comforting room. She took a deep breath and proceeded to the Great Hall, deciding she had to face the world-and breakfast-some time or another.
Oh dear 
07:37am 03/11/2004
mood: busy
Hello! Sorry I haven't posted! HI!!!! I been working on a few stories/novels/artworks.
04:45pm 30/10/2004
mood: blah
YEA! she did! it was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

ooops gotto go
04:11pm 30/10/2004
mood: sleepy
-Ish flabbergatsed-

You're serious? Mrs...Choinere...RAPPED? Good Merlin...
um.. ok.... 
01:33pm 29/10/2004
mood: good
ok mione... w/e u say......

REMIND UR FRIENDS.. plxthnx..... so we can get 'crackin'

o! guess wut Mrs. C did 2day.. she rapped! it was hilarious.. she did the beat box and everything.... it was great!

i g2g....
-Forever Cho
02:50pm 28/10/2004
mood: calm
Yup!! We should start...hum, I'll have to remind Ash and Estelle to post! Hehe...and Drakey, too, I think she's joining. ^_^
Why don't I just do one of my love-ish-ly intros?
In a minute, that is.
Cuz I'm not gonna do it now.
08:29pm 24/10/2004
mood: mellow
so now i guess we got enough ppl to start RP-ing... so um.... i guess we should start thinkin abot what we're gonna do

forever- cho

oh and- mione- lurve the banners and icons ^_^
Banners! WEEE! 
04:06pm 22/10/2004
mood: Content
Our bannners, made by lovely-ish ME. ^_^ I'm making some more...later...

07:18pm 21/10/2004
mood: contemplative
Another icon, this time Gin, for Ash. I'll go upload it.
06:47pm 21/10/2004
mood: Crazy
Guess what, Catie?
I made a special Cho icon JUST FOR YOU! I'll upload it into So Impossible's default so you can save it and use it yourself..
It says 'This Bitch Supports...So Impossible' LOL...
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Welcome to So Impossible, Slepingsecret 
05:38pm 21/10/2004
mood: excited
It's catie here... (Cho/Marisol) i co-run this community w/ mione. we are so happy... ur our first member.. we're trying to get more, though.
of coarse you can be harry/ginny
~*oodles of lurve*~
06:36pm 21/10/2004
mood: SO HAPPY!
YAY! I made our icon -pokes it- I did! And I got it to work...
I'm very proud of myself. It's a simplistic icon, but it'll do. I should make more and post'm in hp_icons, but I don't know how to post them...only use them...
Oh well.

Yay! Harry and Ginny! Woot...n_n
06:24pm 21/10/2004
  Hello! I guess I am gonna be Potter and Ginny! Unless someone wants them!  
06:30pm 21/10/2004
mood: Upset
I'm upset now. I made lotsa banners (Even a D/C one) And now I can't post 'em!
Trying AGAIN! Manydifferent things... 
06:18pm 21/10/2004
mood: Determined
[IMGSCR]C:\Documents and Settings\Sonja\My Documents\My Pictures\hermionefo.jpg[/IMGSCR]

[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Sonja\My Documents\My Pictures\hermionefo.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG=C:\Documents and Settings\Sonja\My Documents\My Pictures\hermionefo.jpg/IMG]

[IMG=C:\Documents and Settings\Sonja\My Documents\My Pictures\hermionefo.jpg]

[IMGSRC=C:\Documents and Settings\Sonja\My Documents\My Pictures\hermionefo.jpg/IMGSRC]

[IMGSRC=C:\Documents and Settings\Sonja\My Documents\My Pictures\hermionefo.jpg]

[IMGSCR=C:\Documents and Settings\Sonja\My Documents\My Pictures\hermionefo.jpg/IMGSCR]

[IMGSCR=C:\Documents and Settings\Sonja\My Documents\My Pictures\hermionefo.jpg]
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Seeing if this'll work... 
06:15pm 21/10/2004
mood: Hopeful
C:\Documents and Settings\Sonja\My Documents\My Pictures\hermionefo.jpg
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05:51pm 21/10/2004
mood: Moody
Okay...our roles for RPs:

Me- Hermione Granger (of course) and Remus Lupin/Moony (Back as D.A.D.A. professor)
Catie- Cho Chang (Even if she went EVIL) and her made-up, Marisol. Marisol is the D.A.D.A aide, and like our dear Remus! n_n

And....um...yeah. n_n When our other members get here, we'll see about their roles.
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03:22pm 21/10/2004
mood: energetic
I've just asked Paige, as you know. Duh. You're sitting right next to me.

HI ME! -Catie

-rolls eyes- Anyway, I'll get Estelle on too, if I can. And Happe (Heather) We'll have to talk to her 's well, I guess...And we definately need to figure out that banner thing! I love my banner!

Misa sorry 
05:42pm 20/10/2004
mood: anxious
That sux.... we'll have to figure that out later.
I cannot wait till we gets more members and we can start RP-ing. Faye will be great. I think Hapee (i believe her name is heather(?)) will be good if i can get her on here. I wonder who she'll play. we neeed to figure that out too. I hope ur friends from priori can come. that would make it LOADS better.
I must say that this will most certainly rock.... eventually.

-forever Cho