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^^, I'll post a random intro:

Her eyes went right to left quickly, drinking in the fine print of the large volume that rested on her lap. She looked up towards the sky through the branches, the sun lighting even the smallest specks of dust particles that floated through the air. Every now and then a hand swept a stubborn and dark brown lock of hair from her face, the rest of the thick and wavy hair tumbling down her back.
In the Library sat a young lady of no more than 16. Her intelligent brown eyes, as dark as chocolate in color and finely shaped, took in the fascinating subjects of old Greek religion, the ancient tombs, and Shaman doctors. Dressed in jeans and a navy shirt, black robes covering her from shoulder to ankle, she was not what you might call a beautiful young woman, but she had a certain charm to her.
Yes, Hermione Granger certainly...interesting.
Hermione shut her book with a certain reluctance, watching the pages turning into each other. She sighed heavily and tucked the book into her bag, which she slung over her shoulder. She pushed the chair a feet or two away from the table and stood up, neatly pushing it in behind her. She strode towards the library door, moving rather quickly.
Hermione stepped into the hallway, a realized there had been a stuffy air inside the hot, comforting room. She took a deep breath and proceeded to the Great Hall, deciding she had to face the world-and breakfast-some time or another.
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